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Ryan Charles’ 2011 film ALL GOD’S CREATURES, is like a breath of fresh air. Many independent films offer us bungling performances, clumsy screenplays, and unaccomplished cinematography, ALL GOD’S CREATURES however brings us so much more; a gripping story, accomplished acting, talented production, and an end result that’s a far cry from the many shameful independent films I have seen of late. Definitely one to look out for, ALL GOD’S CREATURES is a thought-provoking glimpse into the dark side of human nature.

A simple but intriguing tale of how love can find a way in even the most difficult of circumstances: All God’s Creatures is the story of brutal serial killer Jon Smith (Josh Folan), and his relationship with troubled prostitute Delia (Jessica Kaye). Both unaware of the


To be released next month, with a strange concoction of fantasy, horror, and western; Drew Cunningham’s 2009 film UMBRAGE features a charismatic Irish cowboy vampire, a dysfunctional family, and a couple of backpackers who stray from the road (a definite nod to American Werewolf). I had no reason to believe that this low budget flick with its strange mixture of ingredients would hold my attention for 90 minutes. UMBRAGE is an intriguing and ambitious offering which although far from perfect, had me captured, and compelled me to watch.

Crammed with the atmosphere and style usually reserved for more high budget movies; Umbrage flits from the old west to modern day England with a reasonable amount of finesse. When antiques dealer

COWBOYS & ZOMBIES (2010) - Film Review

Rene Perez’s 2010 Western/Horror flick, COWBOYS & ZOMBIES is almost as cheesy as the title. Had this film been made with more of a wink to camera, and built on the humour, it could have been an entertaining, if rather tongue-in-cheek twist on your average Zombie flick. As it stands; the weak acting and unconvincing characters struggle to carry this tame and mediocre offering limping to its disappointing climax. With a bit of gratuitous nudity and a handful of gory moments COWBOYS & ZOMBIES will no doubt find its audience amongst the zombie loving viewers – however, the biggest fear it brings, is that of huge disappointment when the end credits roll.

On the hunt for a wanted Indian named Brother Wolf (Rick Mora), Bounty hunter Mortimer (David A. Lockhart) takes busty Rhiannon into the wild to entice the Indian into the open. When his plan fails,

NINJAS VS. VAMPIRES (2010) - Film Review

On any normal day, in any normal house and under normal circumstances, Justin Saunders’ 2010 horror/Comedy NINJAS VS VAMPIRES would have viewers hitting the eject button within the first ten minutes. I however, had a duty to you lovely folk to see it through to the end. My god! Do you owe me??!! 

Ninjas vs. Vampires is one of the most painful films I have ever had to endure. I completely missed the comedy element; I know this film was meant to be 'so bad it’s good' but trust me, it was far, far worse than that.