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Tony (2009) - Film Review

TONY: LONDON SERIAL KILLER is a bleak and grimy portrayal of the life of a lonely psychopath. This could have been a depressing watch, but because of the superb acting by Peter Ferdinando as the lead and the sometimes comedic screenplay by director/writer Gerard Johnson Tony is a hugely entertaining slice of madness.

Tony is a loner, he’s unemployable - having lived off state handouts for the last twenty years, and he lives in a grimy council flat, filling his time watching 1980’s action films on VHS. He wanders the streets looking for someone to connect with, but because he’s clearly not normal, people either ignore him or ridicule him.

The Familiar (2009) - Film Review

Kody Zimmerman’s new 22 minute short THE FAMILIAR is a well produced, excellently directed, and nicely written film. Not terrifyingly scary, not hilariously funny, but an easy-to-watch debut showcase of Zimmerman’s writer/director talents.

Sam Matheson (Torrance Coombs) has quite literally found himself saddled with ‘the job from hell’. Following a childhood obsession with Vampires,

Resident Evil: Extinction (2007) - Film Review

After watching Resident Evil: Apocalypse, I had the feeling that it was merely filling in the gap. The first film was a pretty acceptable Zombie flick; the second was where the story unravelled and the third? Well, RESIDENT EVIL: EXTINCTION, if my thoughts were correct, was going to be a vast improvement on both. I’m pleased to announce that my thoughts were indeed right. RESIDENT EVIL: EXTINCTION exceeded both of its predecessors, not only in content but also in execution.

Alice (Milla Jovovich), after escaping The Hive in the first film and Raccoon City in the second, now finds herself in the Nevada desert. She stumbles across a band of survivors and joins their fight for

Resident Evil: Apolcalypse (2004) - Film Review

For fans of the Play Station games and the first Resident Evil, RESIDENT EVIL: APOCALYPSE was an eagerly awaited sequel. Question is, how did it fare for the non-gaming population and could it manage to hold its own as a film? The answer is yes, but only just. There are times when it’s in fear of turning into a shoot-em-up rather than a Zombie film, and although it’s a clever touch to have a sub-plot running behind the whole ‘dead men walking’ story, it’s in danger of watering it down so much that the Zombie element is almost lost.

Continuing the story from the original, Resident Evil: Apocalypse again stars Milla Jovovich as Alice. After escaping the underground facility known as ‘The Hive’ in the first film, we now find a similar story unfolding above ground. Trapped in Raccoon City, which

Ghouls on Film - Festival News

Heads up guys! Saturday the 20th of February sees the very first GHOULS ON FILM horror festival at The Mixing Bowl Theatre in Birmingham, England. Ghouls on Film is a brand new festival dedicated to the promotion of women in horror.

The festival will start with an hour of shorts to include films by Amada Boyle, Paula Haifley, Faye Jackson, Melanie Light and a brand new short by Maude Michaud. Following the shorts is Kate Glover’s Slaughtered and the U.K. Premiere of the Soska Sisters’ Dead Hooker in a Trunk.

Resident Evil (2002) - Film Review

Not being a gamer myself, I had no preconceived ideas about Paul W. S. Anderson’s 2002 Zombie flick RESIDENT EVIL. Of course, I knew that is was based on a popular computer game - but knew nothing more than that. All I wanted was to watch a good Zombie film and although RESIDENT EVIL was lacking in some areas I feel it fitted the bill perfectly.

Resident Evil is set in an underground genetic research facility called The Hive, where an outbreak of a deadly virus has caused the supercomputer (otherwise known as The Red Queen) to seal the facility and kill the trapped employees to contain the virus.

Daybreakers (2009) - Film Review

Michael and Peter Spierig did a great job with their ambitious new vampire film DAYBREAKERS. Joking themselves, that the contact lens budget on this film was more than the entire budget for their previous film UNDEAD, this was a huge leap for them, and they pulled it off surprisingly well.

Daybreakers introduces us to a world where people never change, never grow old, never die. Earth 2019 and ten years after the outbreak vampires are taking over, hunting down the last remaining humans and harvesting their blood. Just like

Dead Silence (2007) - Film Review

“Beware the stare of Mary Shaw
She had no children, only dolls.
And if you see her in your dreams
Be sure you never, ever scream.”

And there you have it, the legend of Ravens Fair - an old Nursery rhyme on which the basis of DEAD SILENCE is built. I’ll bet you spotted it didn’t you? The fact that ’Shaw’ and ’Dolls’ don’t even rhyme? This irritated me from the start, it proved that attention to detail was not a priority during the writing of James Wan’s DEAD SILENCE, and this flaw was constant throughout. It had its spooky moments and was a fair effort, but from the creators of SAW, it didn’t live up to expectations.

Whether you liked the Saw movies or not, the scripts were tight and any flaws in the plot could be forgiven because of the sheer shock and horror that we witnessed. They were sick, but love them

Coffin Rock (2009) - Film Review

From stunning cinematography to outstanding acting, Rupert Glasson’s Feature debut COFFIN ROCK is a real gem. Not reliant on jump-scares, this film builds up true suspense and tension. Refreshingly, time is spent getting to know the characters, ensuring that when the brown stuff hit’s the fan, we really do care. And trust me; the brown stuff really hits the fan!!

The first scenes of Coffin Rock almost fall into the genre of drama, which lends itself perfectly to building characters. We meet Jessie and Rob Willis (Lisa Chappell and Robert Taylor) a middle aged couple with fertility problems. Jessie’s desperation to have a child

Manhunt (2008) - Film Review

Patrik Syverson knows exactly what stalk ‘n’ slash fans are looking for. His 2008 film Rovdyr [Predator] which was renamed MANHUNT for the rest of us, is predictable, but very well orchestrated. Set in 1974 the film has real low budget grittiness about it. Unlike recent Hollywood attempts at the genre like the remake, Sorority Row, this doesn’t have an MTV style production, it isn’t trying to be glossy – but that’s not what old school horror fans want. What it does deliver is atmosphere, tension and interesting deaths, everything a die-hard stalk ‘n’ slash fan is looking for.

The film begins with a quartet of friends travelling in a VW camper van, they stop at a backwoods diner, argue with the locals and pick

Three Miles North of Molkom - Competition: CLOSED, WINNERS HAVE BEEN NOTIFIED

Here at Stalk 'n' Slash we like to feed all your genre needs, so our competitions cater for more than just your thirst for horror. Enter our competition to win one of two copies of THREE MILES NORTH OF MOLKOM on DVD, which is released on 25th January. For your chance to win send an email with the subject title ‘MOLKOM’ with your name and address to stalknslashqueen@aol.com. Deadline: 31st January. The winner will be selected at random and notified by the 5th February.

Stalk ‘n’ Slash promise not to use your details for anything else nor disclose them to any third parties.

Antichrist (2009) - Film Review

Lars Von Trier has created a glorious bit of eye-candy in his 2009 film ANTICHRIST, after hearing so much about the film; I am surprised to say it isn’t at all what I’d expected. In fact I’m not sure this is a horror at all – more a drama with some horror elements. ANTICHRIST is at once entertaining, beautiful, and a little confusing.

Antichrist opens with a stunningly beautiful and perfectly directed scene of our unnamed couple (Willem Dafoe and Charlotte Gainsbourg) making love. The passion is captured in graphic, slow motion, black and white, and in spite of the odd close-up shot of real sex (which is over very quickly) this is very tastefully done.

The Taking of Pelham 123 - Competition/Review - CLOSED, WINNERS HAVE BEEN NOTIFIED

Here at Stalk 'n' Slash we like to feed all your genre needs, so our competitions cater for more than just your thirst for horror. Enter our competition to win one of three copies of THE TAKING OF PELHAM 123 on DVD, released on 11th January this fantastic action packed thriller stars John Travolta and Denzel Washington. For your chance to win send an email with the subject title ‘Pelham 123’ with your name and address to stalknslashqueen@aol.com. Deadline: 20th January. The winner will be selected at random and notified by the 25th January.

Stalk ‘n’ Slash promise not to use your details for anything else nor disclose them to any third parties.